2012 Korean music wave concert @ Bangkok with After School covering LMFAO, T-ARA, Shinee, etc



- Dream Concert 2011

- Hallyu Dream Concert 2011


- Kpop super concert 2011

- Music bank half-year special stage 2011


- Seoul-Osaka Music of Heart

- Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011




- Melon Music 2010

- KBS 2010 Festival

- MusicBank (21.05.2010): Comeback : C.N BLUE, MBLAQ, 4minute & Wondergirls 

- Music Core 15/05/2010 : retour des Super Junior, comeback des F(x), etc

- Incheon Korean Music Wave

- Music Bank Special 10

- SBS Gayo Daejun 2010



- Johnny’s Countdown

- SBS Gayo Daejun 2009

- KBS Music Festival

- Music Bank special Christmas

- Melon Awards


- 2ne1
2ne1, Duo CL&Minzy
2ne1, performance à l’Asia Song Festival (septembre 2009)
2NE1 + GDragon + TaeYang – ‘Let’s Go Party’(SBS Gayo Daejun, 2009)
2NE1 – Let’s go party remix @ melon awards 2009 + Fire
2ne1, Minzy : dance battle
2ne1 : joint stage avec SNSD, Kara et Brown Eyed Girls
2NE1 « Don ‘t stop the music »

Can't nobody, go away & claps your hands + live
Scream (live)
I love you (Acoustic Version)
2ne1 à Cannes

- 2PM
Boom Boom Pow des Black Eyed Peas (KBS Music Festival 2009)
Hands up @ hallyu dream concert

- 4 minute
Music & Hot issue (live)
Special dance joint stage : Brown Eyed Girls, Kara, 4minute on KJE Chocolate
I my me mine

Heart to heart
Mirror Mirror
Huh MV + Huh @ KBS Music Festival 2010
Ready go
Hyuna with bubble pop
Volume up
Hyuna feat psy – Oppa is my style
Live at Korean Music Wave 2012
Love Tension live

- Abingdon boys school

- After school
Bang @ KBS Music Festival 2010
Let’s step up & Shampoo
Shampoo @ dream concert 2011
LMFAO cover + Diva (Korean Music Wave 2012)
Rambling girls
Lady luck

- Anna Tsuchiya (J-music)
Best of collaborations

- An Cafe (J-music)

- AOA ( Ace of angels) – Elvis (K-music)
Debut stage + Band version

- Asian Kung Fu Generation (J-music)

- Beast
BEAST – Beautiful Girl
Breath (soom)@hallyu dream concert
I knew it
Beautiful Night (special comeback stage)

- Big bang (K-music)
Big bang, performance à l’Asian Song Festival (septembre 2009)
G-dragon solo album
Daesung solo : look at me
Seungri : VVIP & What Can I Do
Parodie Secret Garden
Blue (MV)
Fantastic Baby (live)
Bad boy

- Brown Eyed girls (K-music)
Brown Eyed Girls : dance battle
Brown Eyed Girls : joint stage avec SNSD, Kara et 2ne1
Special dance joint stage : Brown Eyed Girls, Kara, 4minute on KJE Chocolate
Brown Eyed girls : live MBC Music Core (décembre 2009)
SIGN + abracadabra @ melon awards 2009
Brown Eyed Girls Performances MBC Gyeongnam Concert
Brown Eyed Girls on Sketchbook

Sixth Sense MV + hot shot live
Miryo solo - Dirty

- CHI CHI (k music)
 Don’t play around
Love is energy

- CN Blue
Love & sweet holiday live
Love girl
Hey you MV
Where you are
Still in love
In my head (live)

- Daesung (Big Bang)
Look at me

- Far east movement & LMFAO

- F(x) – Hot Summer
SNSD & F(x) sur Sorry Sorry des Super Junior
Electric shock MV

- G-dragon live concert (K-music)

One of a kind MV

- High and mighty color (J-music)

- Hyuna feat spy : oppa is my style

- INFINITE : come back again (K-music)
Before the dawn & hysterie
Nothing’s over
Be mine

- Jewelry (K-music)
Pass @ dream concert 2011

- Jin Akinishi
Jin Feat Jason de rulo – Test drive
Sun Burns Down

- Kara ( K-music)
Kara : dance battle
Mister +  live
Lupin MV + Lupin@ kbs music festival 2010 & Lupin + Jumping @ dream concert 2011
Special dance joint stage : Brown Eyed Girls, Kara, 4minute on KJE Chocolate

Kara, ambassadrice de la k-food
Step (Korean Music Wave 2012)
Pandora + Live

- Kat-Tun (J-music)

- Koda Kumi (J-music)
Koda Kumi & Fergie
Koda Kumi & far east Movement – make it bump
Pop Diva

- Lee Seung Gi
Alone in love

- LMC (J-music)

- Long shot party : JE LIVEHOUSE (J-music)

- LPG - Angry

- MBLAQ (K-music)
B2st & Mblaq dance battle (SBS Gayo Daejun, 2009)
Oh yeah MV
It’s war

- Miryo (BEG) - Dirty

- Miss A (K-music) 
Miss A vs Sistar SBS Gayo Daejun 2010
Breath @ dream concert 2011
Goodbye baby
Touch (Korean Music Wave 2012)

- Miyavi (J-music)
Day 1

- Miyavi & Good Charlotte : like it's her birthday

- Monkey Majik

- Namie Amuro (J-music)
Only you
Uncontrolled album review
Hot girls
Naked MV

- Narsha : solo debut (Brown Eyed girls, k-music)

Face MV
Action (live)

- Orange Range (J-music)

- Rainbow
To me
Gonna Gonna go live

- RookiEZ is Punk’d (J-music)
In my world

- Scandal (J-music)
Scandal nanka buttobase
Love survive
Pin Heel Surfer

- Secret (K-music)
Madonna MV
Madonna @ KBS music festival 2010
shy boy
Secret's Hyosung covering Beyonce
Love is MOVE

- Seungri : VVIP & What Can I do (K-music)
Strong baby

- Se7en “I’m Going Crazy”
Digital bounce @ hallyu dream concert
Better together @ 2011 kpop super concert
Somebody else
When I can’t sing

- Shinee (K-music)
Just dance de Lady Gaga (KBS Music Festival 2009)
Ring Ding dong @ hallyu dream concert
Ring Ding Dong + Amigo MV
Lucifer @ dream concert 2011
Sherlock (Korean Music Wave 2012)

- Sistar (k-music)
How dare you + ma boy (Korean Music Wave 2012)
So cool
Lovin U

- SM Town in Tokyo

- SNSD(k-music)
SNSD : consécration au Melon Awards (décembre 2009)
SNSD : performance à l’Asia song festival (septembre 2009)
SNSD et Super Junior pour un show exceptionnel (décembre 2009)
SNSD & F(x) sur Sorry Sorry des Super Junior (SBS Gayo Daejun, 2009)
Super Junior & SNSD sur Sorry Sorry (SBS Gayo Daejun, 2009)
Genie + Gee @ melon awards 2009
SNSD : joint stage avec 2NE1, Kara et Brown Eyed Girls
SNSD : special live MBC Music Core (décembre 2009)
SNSD : dance Battle
Genie @ hallyu dream concert
Hoot @ hallyu dream concert
SNSD Comeback : run devil run
Bad girl
Paparazzi (close up version)

SNSD - the boys

- Stellar

- Super Junior (k-music)
Super Junior & SNSD sur Sorry Sorry (SBS Gayo Daejun, 2009)
Mr Simple
A-cha live
Sexy free & single
Spy (live)


- Taetiseo

- T-ARA (Kmusic)
T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep + I Go Crazy Because Of You (KBS Music Festival 2010)
T-ara : I go crazy because of you
T-Ara : why are you bring like this
T-ara : Roly Poly
Cry Cry + ballad version + dance version
Lovey dovey (zombie version)+ Tokyo mv version
Day by day (dance version + live)

- Teen Top (K-Music)
Teen top interprètent «  that man », OST Secret Garden
Supa Luv
No more perfume
Going crazy +  dance version

- The Bawdies (J-music)
The Bawdies & Ai – Love you, need you

- The GazettE (J-music)

- Tommy Heavenly : "I'm your devil"
I’m your devil (halloween version)

- Trouble Maker, le nouveau projet phare de Cube Entertainment

- U-Kiss (K-music)
U-Kiss “Shut Up”

- Utada Hikaru (J-music)

- Wondergirls
Be my baby
GNO (live)
DJ is mine
Like this + LIVE
Wonder Girls - Like Money MV Feat Akon

- Yuya Matsushita (J-music)
Super drive

- ZE:A – Here I am